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ARC Automotive, Inc. offers a full complement of inflator products for airbag applications. Our products have been used to fulfill the most stringent global safety requirements - in many applications, ARC products have been shown to provide superior occupant protection. Our single- and dual-stage Hybrid Inflator Technology is tailored to deliver optimal occupant protection in a wide range of applications including driver, passenger, side, curtain and knee airbags.

Hybrid Inflator Technology, unlike pyrotechnic inflator technology, utilizes inert environmentally friendly compressed gas - augmented by limited amounts of pyrotechnic material - to inflate the airbag. The hybrid technology offers numerous advantages over pyrotechnic products:

-Performance tailoring/tuning capability is greater
-Exhaust gas temperature is lower
-Gaseous effluents and airborne particulates are reduced
-Performance variation over temperature range is lower
-Uptime/bag fill capability is greater

Automotive Inflators
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SH5 Hybrid Inflator
Typical Applications: Head, Belt, Side, Knee, Seat Airbags
Inflator Size (Diameter): 20mm
Typical Cushion Volume Filled: 3L to 18L
Molar Output Range: 0.2 to 0.7 Moles
Pressure Range (28.3L Tank): 30 to 220 kPa

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